NEZ Data Centre

The conditions on the beautiful island Gotland are optimum for a Data Centre. Gotland is in the centre of Northern Europe but still offers a lot of privacy. Here we have very good communications with the rest of Sweden and the other countries in the Northern Europe. The large data cable between Sweden and the Baltics connects in Fårösund, exactly on the spot where the Data Centre will be located which means excellent connections to both East and West.
NEZ Data Centre is built to accomplish a site with extremely high security, both physical and operational. One main focus is to offer a Data Centre with green energy. We will use the sun and wind energy for power. The excess heat from the serves will be recycled to the buildings in the near area and we will use the water from the ocean to cool the Centre.
To meet the demands of the future, the Centre will be built with concrete fundaments that will make the Centre approved for Grade 6 security. Grade 6 is the highest security level meaning that it is more or less impossible to force.