The FFH project model

We are using the FFH model when we are projecting the fibre network. This model is optimized for constructing fibre networks and it is proven to be an excellent model. The instructions are customized and easy to use for all of our customers.

We will guide and help our customer throughout the whole project. Our website will give you and your project team the possibility to log in to your project where you can update and share the project within your team. There are also forums where you can discuss and share the experience you’ve earned during the project.

When we constructing the fibre network we are using an advanced project software. This software are very common among other network constructors such as energy companies. The software will generate a cost estimate for the project that is very accurate. This will give you and your team a very realistic cost estimate before you take your final decision.
We will supply all the materials that the project demands. If there is material left after the finalizing of the project, we will take it back so that you as our customer only will be paying for the material that is actually being used.

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BRS and ABB in alliance
BRS and ABB AB have formed an Alliance to develop and build modern, safe and environmental efficient Data Centers. First facillity under construction is the NEZ DC in Visby, Sweden.

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