BRS launches office in Estonia
We have opened our new office in Tartu, Estonia. We will now be able to serve our cutomers in the Baltic countries with a local contact.

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Fibre Optic Network construction

We have extensive experience in designing, implementing and constructing fiber networks (FTTX). We have specialized personnel in each segment of the project.

Networks and Communication

We offer a complete partnership for Networks. We work with the whole range of networks from constructing small office networks to big Data Centers. The solutions we offer are switching, routing, firewalls, WLAN: s and monitoring our customerís networks.

IT environments and Service

We offer installation and service for our customerís networks, IP phones and conference rooms. With BRS as your partner, you can leave your companyís IT management in safe hands as we can setup your individual service and maintenance agreement.

NEZ Data Center

We offer a unique possibility for your company to outsource your total IT needs via co-locate or hosting.

BRS - Your IT partner

BRS Networks was founded in 2011 and today we are 80 employees. Our head office are located in Visby, Gotland.
Our competence includes four different product areas;
Fibre Optic Networks, Switching and Routing, IT-services and Datacenter services.

The reason for dividing us in different product areas is because we want to be specialized in those areas. We believe that this will give you as our customer the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Thanks to our long experience within our product areas, we think that you as our customer can trust that you will have the right solution to the right cost at the right time.

Micro Trenching for efficient fiber optic rollout
BRS Networks offer Micro Trenching as a complement and option to traditional digging when rolling out a fiber optic network. The trench create a cut in hard surfaces (roads, streets etc) which is 38 cm deep and only 2.8 cm wide, and then places up to 17x 7/3,5 and 2x 14/10-ducts automatically. The regular speed is about 1-3 meters per minute.

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BRS and ABB in alliance
BRS and ABB AB have formed an Alliance to develop and build modern, safe and environmental efficient Data Centers. First facillity under construction is the NEZ DC in Visby, Sweden.

See for more information.