Networks and communication

We have a long experience in setting up networks and communication, we understand the connection between your critical infrastructure and your daily business. Our competence involves the total range from datacentre networks, office networks and large WAN: s.
We can monitor your network and predict the problems before they occur and update you with status and solutions. We can also take responsibility to solve the problems and inform you what has happened and how we solved it.
Switching, routing, WAN optimization and WAN acceleration is also on our daily agenda.


All organizations and companies have to implement IPv6 in the near future. The are no new IPv4 addresses available, the last ones was available in June 2011. We believe that it is important to start the work with conversion to IPv6 as soon as possible. You will then secure your network against unexpected problems in the future.
We offer our customers a certified service to switch the network to the new IPv6 standard, including education and a transition plan.

Products & Services
BRS and ABB in alliance
BRS and ABB AB have formed an Alliance to develop and build modern, safe and environmental efficient Data Centers. First facillity under construction is the NEZ DC in Visby, Sweden.

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